Sunday, 11 November 2012


  1. A good poppy
    An important poppy

    Great to see you today. Here are a couple of blogs to inspire. The first is Finnish but no matter, I follow for the wonderful sparse yet romantic images. She is an artist and photographer and it shows. Daughter might be interested? I like the way the whole blog has atmosphere

    This next one is knitting mad. She used to be a lecturer but had a serious stroke and has given up work/been forced out never quite sure which. She has ongoing health issues which she talks about in a really honest way. Don't know if she finds it cathartic but the comments show she certainly helps others. She gets masses of comments. Good on literature and colours and they have a cute dog Bruce- who does his own posts occasionally.Also nice to see Berwick Law in a blog.

    bests d

  2. PS

    From the Angie Lewin people. Art and culture. Infrequent posts but that at least means I can keep up with it. Have bought several books through stuff they've covered. My mum is getting the new Mark Hearld workbook for her Christmas. I also get to keep upto date with exhibitions. My folks don't do the interweb and are always amazed that I'll know about an exhib in Edinburgh etc. 'It was in a blog dad' :-)

  3. Thanks for the links d, especially the one to Kate Davies. I'm deliberating on which of her hats to knit.