Sunday, 4 November 2012

Simply Bread

One of the projects on my October holiday To Do List was to bake this loaf.
Today I did just that.
And I can tell you that it's every bit as simple as it looks - and every bit as delicious!


  1. Hello Gareth

    Technical question about the bread cos I fancy trying that recipe. Did you use strong ie bread flour, or just ordinary plain flour?

    Now can I have a whinge about the Ferguson mayoral campaign. I'm all for the guy and I hope he wins but did you read the leaflet from the council that lists all the candidates and what their policies are? The one that you and I as tax payers paid for. Well Fergy doesn't say anything does he. He just directs people to his website. Quite apart from the fact that we've all paid for that leaflet and should be able to read his policies in it, by referencing a website he's immediately cutting out everyone in society who does not have internet access. Elitist? Err, in spades. If you see him out and about on North Street could you give him as good kicking and tell him to consider ALL of Bristol next time he writes anything.
    Rant over:-))

    Work question - who is the science co-ordinator person at your place? I may be getting someone to visit to discuss science outreach work. Thanks

    Best wishes

  2. Welcome back Diane. It's been a while!

    Answer to your question. Yes I did use strong bread flour. The recipe calls for all purpose flour but I assumed bread flour would be more appropriate. Let me know how you get on. I think I'll try adding cheese or olives or sundried tomatoes next time.

    As for your observations on George Ferguson and the mayoral election booklet, I agree entirely. I think he should have printed some form of manifesto, and if I see him I shall certainly pass on your comments (and mine!). I am, however, still convinced that he is the best candidate for the job and I hope he wins. Bristol needs someone with a fresh approach to local government.

    It's daft but I can't remember who our science co-ordinator is. Too many sleeps since I was last at work! Just address your letter/email to the office and I'll pass it on.

    Hope you and yours are all fine.