Monday, 19 November 2012

What I did this Weekend

University applications require extensive travels.  When my elder daughter was looking for a place we headed north to Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St Andrews and Aberdeen.  With her younger sister we've been concentrating on the south, from Falmouth to Brighton via Cardiff, Plymouth and Winchester.  However this weekend we ventured a bit further afield - to Norwich.

Here are a few random photos of our visit:

Urban art

Full English at Chez Dennis

They say Norwich has a church for every week of the year ...

 ... and a pub for every day!

Monuments to God ...

... and mammon!

The open air market


  1. sounds like you went and visited many great places! Been to Norwich last year - the city was fine but the surrounding area too boring for my liking.

  2. Hi Gareth

    Hope the trip went well. Lovely photos - especially the gingko tree. I love the way they turn golden yellow. Pure colour.

    Bests d

  3. @ germangreeneyedmonster We arrived and left in darkness so we didn't get to see the surrounding countryside. I imagine it's fairly flat, but Norwich itself was surprisingly hilly.

    So that's what kind of tree it is. It was right outside the art college and I kept catching glimpses of it through the windows. It looked absolutely stunning against the red brickwork and the blue paint. I look forward to the possibility of at least one further visit in the spring (if E gets an interview!)

  4. Used to live there, was also married in one of the churches, sorry ggem thought East Anglian was boring, lots of sky, I will allow!

  5. Welcome Gillie. It's always good to meet another blogger and discover another blog.