Thursday, 6 December 2012

On the Sixth Day of December

What angels will visit me today! What messages am I listening to?

Over on Green & Generous Karin believes that how we celebrate Christmas is determined by how we feel inside.  I agree (and recommend you read the rest of what she has to say), but we are also influenced by the world in which we live and the messages it bombards us with.  It requires a strong will to resist the external pressures to do this or that, and follow your own heart.

Last Christmas we escaped to St Ives where, unfettered by custom or convention, we spent one of our happiest Christmasses in a long time.  But we can't always run away.  Sometimes we've got to stand our ground against the presumptions of how it should be

On Saturday we'll buy our tree and leave it bare - with no more than a few lights - for a week.  Ostensibly to allow my elder daughter to help decorate it on her return, it will also serve as a reminder of the beauty of natural form.

These angels can be found in Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol.

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