Wednesday, 21 January 2009

49 before 50

This summer I'll be 50. Although I don't feel it, and hope I don't look it, I shall nonetheless reach my half century later this year. So, in anticpation of this momentous day, I have devised a list of 49 things I would like to do before I'm 50. Phew, I'm going to be busy!
  1. Catch the ferry to Bees Tea Gardens
  2. Bake a brioche
  3. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one day
  4. Knit myself a scarf
  5. Teach my daughters how to knit
  6. Make a Cornish pasty
  7. Walk to Bath along the cycle path
  8. Make my will
  9. Make a year's supply of marmalade
  10. Sort through my photographs
  11. Have our Amsterdam poster framed
  12. Grow half a dozen vegetables in our back garden
  13. Paint the front door
  14. Make a birthday card from recycled materials
  15. Work my way through my piano book
  16. Make tablet
  17. Watch a Bollywood movie with my daughters
  18. Make a note of all my friends' birthdays
  19. Read a French novel
  20. Buy an address book and make a note of all my friends' addresses
  21. Reduce my BMI to 20
  22. Write to all the people who sent us Christmas cards
  23. Reduce our landfill waste to 100g or less per week
  24. Write one letter a month for Amnesty
  25. Read at least one book a month
  26. See at least one film a month
  27. Phone my sister once a week
  28. Clear out my wardrobe
  29. Book tickets for Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory
  30. Make Pashka at Easter
  31. Give up something for Lent
  32. Take up something for Lent
  33. Bake Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday
  34. Remember to use the shrink wrap egg decorations at Easter
  35. Follow the longest trail in Leigh Woods
  36. Take a picnic (and some friends) to Brandon Hill
  37. Visit the Georgian House
  38. Make butter
  39. Learn to crochet
  40. Make my daughers something for their birthdays
  41. Cook a special Valentine's dinner
  42. Preserve lemons
  43. Have the piano tuned
  44. Devise a 4 week menu
  45. Attend evensong at the Cathedral
  46. Arrange our classical CD collection
  47. Book tickets for the BBC Proms
  48. Grow giant sunflowers in our front garden
  49. Organise a 50th birthday celebration
To record my progress I have started a new blog called (wait for it!) 49before50 which also give me the opportunity to try out blogging on Wordpress.


  1. you're truly amazing!
    I take it that the year's supply of marmalade is not based on MY consumption levels?
    ... and as for another new blog!

  2. That's quite a list Gai - I hope you've already started, we are now in third week of January!!

    Funnily enough I have been thinking of what I should try to achieve before my 65th birthday in April. Perhaps I'll start with making a list!

    By the way from the photo of you on your blog - no, you don't look as if you are approaching 50.

    A x

  3. brilliant list! some of those should be on my list too!

    Perhaps I should make a 59 before 60 list?

    The only on that gave me a slight doubt was the BMI down to 20 one - wouldn't that be slightly underweight?

  4. You're right bigdaddystevieB, it's not based on your consumption. But I am going to try out a new recipe for Seville orange curd I picked up from Kittyboo's Little Slice of Life blog.

    I have made a start SJA. I've seen two films already this month (The Reader and Slumdog Millionaire - both of which I would highly recommend). And thank you for your kind comment on my appearance!

    Hello bluehands. I hope I'm right about a BMI of 20 being the average normal weight, which ranges from 18.5 to 25. You will note that I have not indicated my starting point!