Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Nation's Hope

This afternoon I rushed home from work to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama. It was an impressive ceremony and, judging by the numbers who turned out to witness it, a significant moment in their lives.

I couldn't help being reminded of 2 May 1997 and Tony Blair's triumphal arrival in Downing Street ...


  1. absolutely agree about May 1997... impressive man - think the leaders of our own political parties are feeling a little daunted at being compared with Obama (in this wonderful honeymoon stage at least!).

  2. I watched it as well Gai. Just wanted to be able to witness such an historic moment. I too can remember Tony Blair entering Downing Street and think I know what you mean. However, I feel the American citizens have made a good choice and I am filled with hope for us all. A x

  3. Thanks bigdaddystevieB and SJA.

    I am reminded of Harold Macmillan's response to a journalist when asked what is most likely to blow governments off course. 'Events dear boy, events.'

    Obama shows great promise but it will be how he reacts to what's going on abroad, and at home, that will reveal his true metal.

    Meanwhile I'm rooting for him.