Friday, 9 January 2009

Good Hair Day!

Not being someone who lays very much importance on my appearance, I don't have my hair cut very often. The last time I visited the salon (on my account, because I have accompanied the girls on a couple of occasions) was way back on the 7th of April last year, when I blogged on my dread of hairdressers.

So today was a pleasant surprise. After I'd given her an outline of what I wanted, my hairdresser took over and did the rest. And, to my relief, she didn't even ask me what I was doing at the weekend! I shall ask for her next time I make an appointment which, on previous form, should be sometime in October!

The self photo does not afford you an appreciation of the graduated cut on the back of my head, but I have been assured that it looks lovely!
Actually, it doesn't look very different from the last time I had it done. Oh well, plus ca change ...


  1. It looks a good cut from where I'm sitting Gai. I do get my hair trimmed regularly but simply because I like to keep it pretty short. Never have enjoyed visits to the hairdresser though. Find it a chore! A x

  2. Thank you SJA. Who knows, now that I have a style, as opposed to just a length, even I might squeeze in another visit before 2009's out.

  3. Looks lovely! Poor mum used to dread me having haircuts cos I'd end up in tears every time. Thankfully I care a little bit less now AND have found a nice hairdresser. I wonder if they know how much power they have?!

    I've just been reading a few of your recent posts and have really enjoyed myself - thanks a lot! xxx

  4. Good to hear from you again Alice and I hope your little family are feeling better now.