Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Month of Dinners: 9 June

I was away singing at Stourhead with the Gasworks Choir
So my husband cooked dinner
Cottage pie with sweetcorn and broccoli


  1. What a lovely husband you have! Looks great!

  2. What a wonderful husband! Looks great!

  3. Indeed, Dee. There was an apple and blueberry crumble to follow, but I didn't have enough room. Too much icecream at Stourhead!

  4. My smaller daughter just looked at your photo and said "That looks like a lovely dinner!" I tend to agree!

  5. It was the first meal cooked in our new oven (not counting the two pizzas heated up the night before) so an experiment in temperature settings. Judging from the result he made the right choice.

    My husband is very chuffed with all the praise being heaped on his culinary achievement.