Sunday, 7 October 2012


I accompanied my daughter to Cardiff School of Art & Design's Open Day yesterday.  Here are my observations:

  • that the people of Cardiff are the friendliest and kindest people I have met in a long time
  • that, although I cannot understand it, I am pleased that the Welsh have held on to their language
  • that, delivered by someone with a sense of humour, a talk on student finance can be the highlight of the day
  • that there is a lot more to illustration than meets the eye
  • that, despite their ensuite facilities, modern student residences are completely soulless
  • that Victorian/Edwardian shopping arcades are infinitely superior to the ones we are building today
  • that people will pay good money for hideous nylon hats as worn by my great aunts 
  • that I wish the day had been longer
  • that I will be back
Image courtesy of the University of Cardiff


  1. Hello! I dropped by! Loved your list - it really made me smile (especially about the hats!).

  2. Thanks C. I was also amused by the 'vintage 80's' clothes on the rack. I've got a few of those in my wardrobe at home!