Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I've been meaning to post this photo of the sushi take away I ate in the coach home after the TUC march.  Ever since I spotted a branch of Wasabi opposite Harrods on an earlier visit to London, I'd fancied trying it out.  So when I chanced upon the Victoria branch on my walk back to the New Covent Garden Market car park I just had to pop in for a snack.

I love sushi.  They say you eat with your eyes as well as your mouth and this is undoubtedly true with these delicate bite sized morsels that resemble brightly coloured beads neatly laid out on their trays.  I spent some time considering the various options before deciding on salmon nigiri, omelette nigiri, crabmeat and avocado hosomaki and fried prawn and spicy salmon futomaki, which I carefully arranged on my cute cardboard tray.  I added a sachet each of soy sauce and wasabi paste, and a set of chopsticks.

I was characteristically early arriving back to the coach which was just as well, as removing the sushi from their individual wrappers was best attempted in a stationary vehicle. The amount of unrecyclable waste is an issue  but I had no quibbles over the quality of the food, which was a far cry from any of the packs I've bought from a supermarket.  The rice was moist and delicately flavoured and the fillings were fresh and clean.  Absolutely delicious!

It's fortunate there isn't, as yet, a branch of Wasabi in Bristol, as I fear I might be tempted to visit it more than I could afford.

(Apologies for the quality of the photograph which does not do justice to the beauty of my feast.)

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