Friday, 26 October 2012

Green Tomato Chutney

Earlier this week a friend gave me a carrier bagful of green tomatoes.
I used Riverford's recipe to make 6 jars of chutney.
It took me two gos to get the correct consistency.
The Riverford recipe failed to specify that the fruit and vinegar mixture should be simmered uncovered!
However my trusty Good Housekeeping book came to the rescue and my second attempt succeeded.
I now have to wait 6 weeks for it to mature but an initial tasting was promising.
I am obliged to my talented art student daughter for the labels.
My only disappointment is that the finished chutney bears no resemblance to the vibrant green raw fruit.


  1. I've seen Riverford are selling kits & thought about trying out the recipe. A friend of ours makes her own & it's delicious...

    Love your labels - well done to your daughter... They'll make lovely gifts.

    Kay :)

  2. I spotted the Riverford kit as well, which prompted me to search their site for a recipe. The ginger, chilli and mustard seeds give it a bit of a kick. My other source of inspiration was my friend 'blue hands' over at 'stuff and nonsense' who made chutney out of a load of green tomatoes she rescued from her blight infected tomato plants.

    Thanks for compliment on my labels. I'm fortunate to have an art student for a daughter - compensation for her taking over the house with her 'projects'!

  3. Lovely photos - that green is glorious! Lots of appealing food for thought for me on your blog - I need a to do list to work my way through - inspiring stuff!

  4. Thanks for visiting westendmaw.