Saturday, 5 January 2013

Waes Hael

Wassail ceremonies are not generally associated with inner urban life, but when you learn that Bedminster boasts a community orchard it all begins to make sense.

The ceremony, initiated by an American, began with us encircling our crab apple tree and shouting 'Awake'.  If that didn't rouse it from its winter slumber then I'm sure the Rag Morris dancing, the Red Notes singing and the poetry recitation did the trick.    The rain stopped, the sun shone and, fortified with mulled cider, apple cake and roasted chestnuts, the good folk of Bedminster scared away the evil spirits and ensured a good harvest.

My earlier photo post shows some of the cider soaked pieces of toast we attached to the crab apple branches as an offering to the tree spirits.

Waes hael!  Be you healthy!


  1. Hello

    Happy New Year!

    Like the wassail. Good to see Tess in full voice.

    Where's Bedminster community orchard then? At City Farm?

    We'll be off to the Horfield wassail this w/e with Pigsty Morris doing their bit.

    Liked your summary of 2012 - you did tonnes! Be proud.

    Bests d

  2. Hello Poppy Basil and a Happy New Year to you and the family.

    The community orchard tucked away behind the North Street Tesco. There's a crab apple, a dozen or so saplings and a herb garden. A hidden treasure.

    Enjoy your wassail!