Monday, 16 April 2012

Granny Squares Blanket - Work in Progress

This post is in response to public demand ... well 'd' asked to see it!

For some time now, longer than I care to remember, I've been crocheting granny squares for a blanket for my younger daughter.  It's for the bed in her attic bedroom, and I've chosen colours that will go with the walls which are a pale blue and a Cath Kidston floral print.

The beauty of granny squares is their simple versatility.  Now that I've memorised the pattern I can crochet away while talking to friends or watching the telly - but not, as I discovered last week, while sitting on a coach.  I shove a couple of balls of wool and my hook into my bag and take them to school to work on during my lunch break, or to a coffee morning.  I can squeeze in a square between other activities or spend the whole day building a small pile.

The plan is to work a row of white around each square, sew them all together and finish the blanket off with a couple of rows around the outside, perhaps with a fancy edge.

I'm not working to a deadline but it would be good to have it ready for her birthday at the beginning of June.  Let's see.  I am completely in awe of Karen over at A Quiet Corner who has managed six gorgeous blankets in one year!  I'm also indebted to Lucy at Attic 24 for her cheerful inspiration in all things hooky!


  1. Hello Gareth

    Well done - they look fab - a really nice range of colours. I did something similar, but smaller and I used cream on the outside of each square. When you come to choose the edging put a ball of cream and a ball of white against the squares. See which looks best.

    5 squares a day is a monumental task. Good luck!

    Sour dough - I got one from Marks' Bread and he called it a South Bristol sour dough because that's where the yeast is from. So what are you going to call yours?

    Bests d

  2. Thanks for your kind comments d - and for the tip on sewing up.

    I've decided to call my sourdough Gladys, for my neighbour who is Bedminster born and bred and, of course, it will be Glad for short!