Friday, 20 April 2012

Success at last!

Ever since one summer holiday in Crete about 10 years ago, I have longed for a wooden bread basket.  We ate in friendly family run taverna where they served a complimentary square of delicious chocolate cake with the bill, and where the ubiquitous thick slices of custy bread were presented in simple wooden bread baskets.  I fell in love with them and have been looking for something similar ever since.  It's become a standing family joke that I'll insist on checking out every kitchen shop we come across on the off chance of finding one.  There have been plenty of examples, of various shapes, sizes and designs but I've never found one which matched my requirements ... until today, when I discovered this one in the relocation sale of a kitchen shop in my local high street!

I am a very happy girl!


  1. You'll now have to make your own bread more often!

    We just stick ours on the bread board, but a wooden basket is a lovely idea...

    Kay :)