Saturday, 28 April 2012

Just Vote!

I spent a couple of hours this morning handing out Green Party leaflets on our local high street.  This  Thursday Bristol, along with 10 other English cities, is being asked to decide on whether or not to elect its own mayor.  The Green party is opposed to this proposal.

Following the council's failure to distribute its explanatory leaflet to every person in the city a turnout as low as 20% is predicted.  There were certainly a number of disinterested voters on North Street this morning.  As someone who has always been passionately interested in politics I find this very difficult to understand.  I'd like the good people of  Bristol to say no on Thursday but I'd prefer them to say yes than to say nothing at all.


  1. Hello Gareth

    Yup I'm with you on this. I don't want a mayor of Bristol. It will be won by a 'personality', which is not the way to run anything. Running a council is hard and tedious and should be done by people who care about it, not someone who wants to posture and preen and improve their pension pot.

    Then David Cameron came to Bristol to tell us that we need a mayor, so obviously I'm even more against it now.

    I'll be voting and I'll be voting no.

    Bests d

    PS Gladys - excellent. That has character!

  2. Good for you d. You're no doubt as disappointed as I was with the result. Now we've just got to hope that the best person gets the job.