Monday, 19 March 2012

Day 19 - Funny

OK.  It's not hilarious, but it might just bring a smile to your face.  Anyway, it was the best I could do today.

You'll notice that we're still in our bathroom with its seaside theme.  The wooden fishing boats are from St Ives.  The lighthouse on the tile is my own creation.  The starfish was purchased from a local artist whose name I cannot recall.  The green fish was made by a friend's daughter.  The blue soap dish came from a charity shop and the ducks were a present to their dad from my daughters, to match the duck I bought him many years ago.  She's called Mabel.


  1. I love your bathroom looks very tidy compared to mine!!...and the individual stories to each object is beautiful, and I LOVE YOUR DUCKS and YOU....XXXXXXX

  2. If only it were always that tidy!