Monday, 5 March 2012

Day 5 - A Smile

My younger daughter has a rather lovely smile.  She says it's the same as her Dad's and she's probably right.  She looks like him, while my elder daughter takes after me.  A well balanced family. 

I would have taken a better photo had I been able to do so in daylight but school and work precluded this so I've had to make do.


  1. Hello Gareth

    She's right- that's daddy's smile.
    Is she in final year now?

    Bests d

  2. Yes she is D. Off to do a Art Foundation course next year. Her sister's 20 tomorrow. Where have all the years gone?

  3. Hello Gareth

    20 years old! Blimey, that makes me feel old, so goodness knows how radiant you feel about it.

    Art Foundation at...? Falmouth?

    Bests D

  4. Foundation at RWA, followed (hopefully) by degree in illustration at Falmouth. After that, who knows?