Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 2 - Fruit

Three tomatoes from last week's Riverford box.

I cancelled this week's delivery on account of the backlog from last week.  How this has happened in a week when I've given up meat for Lent and should be eating considerably more vegetables, I don't know.

Actually I do.  It's the usual suspects - cabbage, celeriac and beetroot.  They're always last to leave the box and sadly, on some occasions, only to be transferred to the compost bin!  I'm going to have to arm myself with a sheaf of recipes to solve this problem.  Any tried and tested ideas will be gratefully received. 


  1. Grated celeriac, beetroot & carrot makes a nice salad.

    Root veg is always good roasted too.

    We steam our cabbage or braise it in the oven.

    And if you like pickled beetroot, you could a fresh version - boil the beetroots in their skins, peel & slice & add a vinaigrette.

    Kay :)

  2. Thanks for the tips Kay.

    I roast summer vegetables (tomatoes, courgettes, peppers etc) but hadn't thought of roasting celeriac or beetroot.

    I'd also forgotten that you can eat them raw, although I used to love celeriac salad when I lived in France many years ago.

  3. Roasted beetroot is delicious and the celeriac is really good boiled, like potato, then mashed.....much better for you than potato as well......beetroot and orange chutney is also delicious.............

  4. Braised red cabbage with apple, onion, vinegar and cinnamon is also lovely. I cook this on the hob very slowly in my cast iron frying pan...........I make a big frypan full and then add it to soup in the week. I also liquidize it and add it to spag bol.....the kids don't know they are getting extra veg!!!!

  5. Liz: I braise my cabbage using a recipe from an old Asda magazine. It freezes well and I've several containers of it in my freezer at the moment. I prefer it to green cabbage.

    I've never tried slipping red cabbage into spag bol but I have successfully managed celery and carrots.

  6. I love eating salads, and beetroot and celeriac (not necessarily together) make lovely salads through the winter months - just grate them up. The beetroot is also good with grated apple mixed in, with a yoghurt dressing. I like to do celeriac grated along with grated carrot, then dressed with mayonnaise. Both delicious. Enjoy!

  7. Hello Deborah S. Welcome to my blog and thanks for the tips.

  8. You can always bring the beetroot to me on wednesdays - brie and beetroot in a brown seedy bagel with rocket and mayo is the best sandwich ever.
    Also you should try Hugh Fernly-whathisname's recipe for chocolate and beetroot brownies.

  9. Thank you for all your suggestions, some of which I've used and the rest I've saved for future reference.

    Yesterday I grated a chunk of celeriac, tossed it with a squeeze of lemon juice, a teaspoonful of grain mustard and dollop of mayonnaise and ate it alongside a fillet of smoked mackerel.

    The rest of the root made a rich creamy soup served with a liberal garnish of grated blue stilton and hunks of Bordeaux Quay ciabatta, from this morning's Tobacco Factory market.

    I boiled the beetroot which, when stirred together with yoghurt and Middle Easter spices, will go well with the felafel with apple from the same market.