Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 6 - 5 pm

Or 17:00.  Time for PM on BBC Radio!

I'm a Radio 4 listener.  I wake to the Today programme and am entertained by the 6:30 comedy slot as I cook dinner.  On Saturday mornings I tune in to the repeat of Any Questions followed by Any Answers and on Sunday morning I decide on how much of the Sunday morning service I listen to by the quality of the hymns.  In between times there's PM, Woman's Hour, Excess Baggage, From our Own Correspondent, A Point of View, the Food Programme ... not to mention the Shipping Forecast!  My life would genuinely be the poorer without it.

One of my earliest childhood memories is of the strains of Lillibullero preceding the BBC World Service News every breakfast time, and so I was delighted when I discovered that my elder daughter recognised the testy John Humphry's voice from an early age.

Her younger sister is always pinching my radio from its shelf in the kitchen to entertain her as she sews or draws in the dining room.  But she prefers Radio 1 and never changes the station back when she finishes with it!   

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