Thursday, 1 March 2012

March Photo a Day Challenge: Day 1 - Up

I've been following Little Green Shed's progress in Fatmumslim's February Photo a Day Challenge and have decided to give it a go myself in March.

This is the ceiling of our local swimming pool.  It's an old Victorian baths and, although in need of repair, retains its original charm, which I prefer to a sleek shiny leisure centre.  And I'm not the only one.  It has featured in recent episodes of Sherlock Holmes and The Inside Men.

There are current plans to renovate the pool, including exposing the original windows to allow the pool to be bathed in daylight.


  1. oh lovely to see you do the challenge, i am so pleased! and lovely to see you last weds too. lou x

  2. Hello Gareth

    Sherlock Holmes - aha! I thought the swimming pool looked familiar!Oh to be in a swimming pool with Benedict Cumberbatch...

    Good luck with the one a day for March.
    Bests d

  3. Thanks D. I always relish a challenge, though I'm going to have take a scrubbing brush to my kitchen sink before 22 March!